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105: Mark Timm on Why Zig Ziglar Became the Category King of Sales Training

December 21, 2017

Zig Ziglar impacted over 250 million people in his lifetime and left an incredible legacy. Why is his message still so relevant and so powerful today? How was he both timeless and ahead of his time? What is true gratitude in this instant gratification world? What is causing the drastic drop in American entrepreneurship? On this episode, we are joined by entrepreneur and CEO of Ziglar, Mark Timm, who shares on the power of Zig Ziglar and why he’s still such a force.

What if the most valuable business that I will ever own, ever operate, ever found and ever be a part of was the business that I was going home to, instead of the business I went to that morning? -Mark Timm


  • The quality of your primary relationship when you’re in your 50s determines your longevity a lot more than your DNA.
  • It’s not a matter of “if” you’re going to fail, it’s a matter of “when”. The real question is are you going to learn from it, pivot and adjust-- and how fast can you do it?
  • An entrepreneur needs attitude, skill, and effort to be a top performer.
  • Regarding entrepreneurship: there’s no lack of ideas, we’re just missing the key ingredient of sticking it through and knowing that you’re going to fail a lot.

At the start of the show, Mark shared the personal transformation he had, and the impact that Zig Ziglar had on his life. Next, he talked about the work he’s doing with families and how it’s inspired by his own. Mark also talked about why failure is a necessary component of success, and what is really behind the entrepreneurship crisis.

We also discussed:

  • The problem people have with relationships and the role technology plays in it
  • Why podcasting allows for more authentic dialogue
  • The process of going from survival to significance

In the world of 140 characters, emojis, and memes, real gratitude and authenticity stand out. That’s why even today the legacy and impact of Zig Ziglar shows no sign of slowing down. His motivation reminds us that we can change who we are and where we are with what we put in our minds. We’re swallowed in surface level stuff and it’s consuming us, and that’s why we need authentic voices reminding us that life is a journey of discovering our full potential. Part of this process is failing and being able to get back up. It is so critical that we take inventory of our lives, and remember how we got to where we are and who helped us get there. Success isn’t an elevator up. It’s a staircase that can be steep at times, but it’s worth it.

Guest Bio
Mark is the CEO of the most valuable business in the world – his family. He is also the President and CEO of Ziglar Family. Go to for more information or to download his free book. Go to to listen to the podcast and follow up with their work.