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186: Chris Ducker Youpreneur Category King

August 7, 2018

Chris Ducker is a Youpreneur superstar and author who sits with Christopher Lochhead today to have a fun conversation about all things virtual and niching down. How do you hire excellent virtual staff? And what books are great for entrepreneurs?

"At the risk of being controversial... The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump is probably one of the best books I've read." - Chris Ducker

Three Things We Learned

  • Dog-eared books over unused books

Chris has always been the dog-eared page kind of guy, someone who abuses highlighters as he consumes books. From a writer's standpoint, he thinks seeing his authored books go through the same fate as his own collections is something that writers can feel validation for. To see your books get used and be passed down from one person to another is pure bliss.

  • Everyone wants and should write a book

When Virtual Freedom came out, Chris only wanted to get everything off his chest. Consumed by the idea of developing a system for bringing onboard virtual staff to help entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses, Chris wrote the book. It flew off the shelves and became the bestseller that it is now today.

  • Some authors are afraid to follow up and fail

There are brilliant authors who stop writing books once they have produced a bestseller. This hesitation all comes down to the fear of not succeeding as much as the first time, and while it's a very valid fear, it's not something that's going to help anyone grow. After writing a book that rose up the list fast, Chris faced the same fear and produced another book that made him proud.

Writing a book is daunting. When people pass up the opportunity, however, they also miss out on the chance to realize that writing one could have been something that they would have never thought of not doing. Clearly, everyone and anyone can write a book and can act on the call to get down and do it.


Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur and author of the bestseller, "Virtual Freedom", and more recently, "Rise of the Youpreneur".

Based in Cambridge, England, he owns and operates several businesses, that combined house over 400 full-time employees internationally.

He's also a trusted international business mentor, keynote speaker, podcaster, blogger, as well as the founder of - the leading personal brand business education company in the world.

Chris hosts the annual Youpreneur Summit, which is held in London, U.K. each November and is the self-proclaimed 'Proudest Brit' doing business online!