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156: Jordan French - Engineer, Growth Hacker and Serial Entrepreneur

May 23, 2018


We’ve come to accept many traditional paradigms that are ill-suited for the future of society. What areas will be touched by the tentacles of new technologies, innovations and categories? How will food tech change our understanding of nutrition and general health? On this episode, journalist, speaker and entrepreneur, Jordan French, talks about the cutting-edge projects he’s been working on.

Our traditional paradigm of currency is actually ill-suited to the future of commerce, and a new category of currency is required. -Christopher Lochhead


3 Things We Learned

Currency as we know it is outdated

When it really comes down to it, all currency is really just a technology that we came up with, using pieces of paper or coins to represent. As it stands today, this model is outdated while cryptocurrency presents many possibilities.  


Using new technologies to do more good is what matters

When we look at the newer categories in food tech, there are many cool use cases but let’s not forget the possibilities for doing massive good for the world. That’s why these categories are so important-- they can be applied to emergency response, health and nutrition.


People can create their own categories, careers, and jobs

The paradigm of what a job and a career mean now is so different from what it once was. We were told to use what we’re good at to find our place in the world. But for a lot of people who don’t fit in anywhere, the best thing to do is carve out a space for yourself, design your own job and build a career on your terms.


So many paradigms and traditions are shifting, and technology can-- and will-- empower us. If we look at things like blockchain, cryptocurrency and food tech, we see a democratization of currency and health. This puts more power in our hands and cuts out the middlemen. This is crucial to where we are going as a society, and we can all contribute to this incredible wave.