Legends & Losers: One real conversation can change your life.

Legends & Losers: One real conversation can change your life. header image 1

020: Positive Marketing & Category Design w/Real Life Int’l Man of Mystery Paul Maher

April 13, 2017

Success in business and life is all about having an appetite for risk. Why do we need a little bit of crazy to make things happen? What has changed about media relations today, and how can companies play in that arena? On this episode, Paul Maher talks about category design, his career and having the power of having the courage to think your own thoughts.

You do need to conceive immediately what the largest piece you can play on is, and make that move. If you don’t, that will drop you into the loser category. -Paul Maher


  1. We’ll be the first generation of people whose kids make less than we do because of machine learning and automation.
  2. There’s two types of companies, platform companies and everyone else, the goal is to be a platform company.
  3. Starting a service business in a downturn is smart because it allows you to hire the essential people you really need.

At the start of the show, Paul shared insights from a conference he attended in India, and how the world of employment is going to change because of automation. We also talked about how Paul became so good with PR, and his career at companies like Scient and HP. Next, we discussed how he started Positive Marketing, the things he discovered, and what helped him zero in on the right client and category design.

Paul also shared insights on;

  • The difficulty of being in the shadow of a category king
  • Hiring and recruitment during a recession
  • The incredible story of how he got hired at Scient

True power and legendary status come from the courage to think your own thoughts and have a big appetite for risk. It’s about finding a piece that works really well for you and making a move on it at the right moment. For companies to succeed, the media relations piece will always be important, but now it also needs the category design piece to stand out. This is how you create the halo effect and dominance that only category kings enjoy.  

Guest Bio

Paul is the founder and CEO of Positive Marketing. Go to PositiveMarketing.com for more information or follow him on LinkedIn www.LinkedIn.com/in/pmaher.