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140: Mike Maples, Sr. - Microsoft Legend

April 17, 2018
What was it like during the early days of Microsoft? Its former President Mike Maples, Sr. unravels their journey. How did they rise to becoming a tech giant with a $745 billion market value? There was no stopping towards success. 

"There is a price to be paid for every technology." - Mike Maples, Sr.
3 things We Learned

  • Ultimate benefit outweighs the risks
Security holes can be found in every step of the development process. But they do not necessarily take away the real value of the outcome. The ultimate goal provides more value than the difficulties of overcoming those holes and dangers.  
  • Love for technology can never be justified
Why do people have far more than they need? As with other things, people can step into technology as a hobby. They create or buy not because they need to but because they love to. 
  • There is a downshift in entrepreneurship 
Companies and individuals want to invest in new ideas. But, according to Mike, the sourcing of money to create have become an inhibitor in many ways. How people source money and use it matter.

In a company or organization, there can be self-destructive values and shared values. But these values can still be changed. Core values are essential to a company during its first days. A healthy balance of recognition and reward and of punishment and penalty are also needed.

Mr. Michael J. Maples, Sr. serves as an Ambassador on certain strategic relationships and internal management initiatives at Microsoft. Mr. Maples served as an Executive Vice President of Worldwide Products Group at Microsoft Corporation. He served as a Consultant and Advisor to Microsoft. He served as the President of the Microsoft Corporation. He served several positions with Microsoft from April 1988 to July 1995, where he served as an Executive Vice President of Worldwide Products and a Member of the office of the President. He is a highly accomplished Senior Executive with over 40 years experience in the computer industry. He retired from Microsoft Corporation where he reported directly to Bill Gates. He was responsible for all product development and product marketing activities at Microsoft during his tenure. Mr. Maples holds an M.B.A. from Oklahoma City University and B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.