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031: Chris Brogan on Batman, Video Blogging & The Future of Content Marketing

May 18, 2017

Why is it so necessary for the world to become more video literate? How has technology made this one of the best times to be an entrepreneur? Is email marketing on its way out? On this episode, Chris Brogan joins us to talk about this, why we need to put humanity front and center, as well as his love for Batman.

As long as enough of us think all the water is going to raise all the boats, I think there’s so much opportunity not to think about competition. - Chris Brogan


  1. Batman is relatable because his origin story is grounded in reality.
  2. There is always an opportunity to use technology to drive better human interaction.
  3. Bigger companies are more conservative, so the great ideas are going to be spun from the little guys.

At the start of the show, Chris talked about his love for Batman and what he likes about him as a superhero. He also talked about how he got into blogging and podcasting early in the game, the opportunities video marketing provides, and why a lot of people are lying about being entrepreneurs. We also talked about category design, and the importance of asking the question “why hasn’t anyone?”

Chris also spoke about;

  • The curse of knowledge
  • Why video changes a lot of things
  • The death of email marketing
  • The database of one

With access to so much infrastructure and the culminated power of technology and connectivity, this is a great time to be an entrepreneur. While there are many people who call themselves entrepreneurs, the people who are really making an impact are the ones solving problems, making life easier, creating categories and driving meaningful human interaction. We have so many opportunities for velocity, friction and connectedness, we should take advantage it.

Guest Bio

Chris Brogan is CEO of Owner Media Group , providing strategy and skills for the modern business. He is also a highly sought after professional speaker and the New York Times bestselling author of nine books and counting. His latest is called Find Your Writing Voice. Go to ChrisBrogan.com for more information.