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147 Duncan Davidson - Why The Future Is Awesome

May 2, 2018

How do you do business right enough times to be dubbed as a successful serial entrepreneur? How do you turn from entrepreneur to venture capitalist? Today we learn from Duncan Davidson the many prolific ways of becoming the multibillion-dollar rockstar that can turn around even the most reluctant in technological ventures by going a little off the tracks and riding against the current.

“All these things have to have a boom and they have to overcome people’s normal skepticism and resistance.” - Duncan Davidson


Three Things We Learned

  • All great technologies commit in a bubble

Throughout history, technologies trundled in as bubbles that overcame the normal resistance that most new ventures hit and have to climb over in order to gain traction. Change can often chase away people as they are loath to come out of their comfort zones. An effort to entice them into taking a shot at new technologies should have a force overwhelming enough to burst through the many qualms people tend to have upon the introduction of a concept that is alien and therefore seemingly unappealing, a first step towards hitting that initial adoption mark.

  • Humans are pack animals

Humans tend to stick to groups and adopt the thinking shared by the group. As the great philosopher Aristotle once said, humans are social animals. By capitalizing on this knack of people to seek ways in order to belong to a circle and grow that circle, technological ventures can create that necessary boom that will not only truck along innovations but also take them off the ground.

  • Contrarium done right snatches the coveted category crown

Being right in what you invest in is part of the process. But going against the herd of humans is one proven way to create a stir in your technological endeavors. This contrarium, when done right, will produce ripples that can gain you the attention needed to become the next category king.

Technology is the future, and the business of it can be trifling because of the fast turnover of new ideas and concepts that may put off consumers. Causing enough stir to make the cut will entail not only your success but also a future that is awesome and definitely bright for the people. In order to get started, however, one must understand and commit to the many dynamic forces that drive the technological bubble, including going against the herd.


Duncan Davidson is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Covad Communications, and co-founder of SkyPilot Networks and Bullpen Capital. He was very involved in two bubble-era IPOs and spent a few years as manager at VantagePoint Capital Partners. Duncan is now focused on investment in SaaS, blockchain, and internet of things (IOT).

He has an undergraduate degree in physics and math from Brown University and is a magna cum laude in JD from Michigan Law School. His life has taken him from incredible entrepreneur to incredible venture capitalist.

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