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117: Skinny Pasta: Cooking Up a Category King w/Margot Micallef, Founder of Gabriella’s Kitchen

January 25, 2018

Modern society has lost its connection to really good food. Why is food at the core of our well-being? How can we turn the tide so we can demand food that is both healthy and tasty? What are the four pillars consumers want in their food? On this episode, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and "one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women," Gabriella’s Kitchen founder Margot Micallef, talks about dominating the category, living wholeheartedly and why good food matters so much.

As people get to know that it’s possible to have food without compromise, they’ll demand more of it from everyone. -Margot Micallef

3 Things We Learned

Entrepreneurs are people who will work 100 hours for themselves but won’t work 40 hours for somebody else

Margot has worked for a wide range of brands and companies, but nothing is more rewarding than working for herself. In fact, she works best when she works for herself.

Food without compromise is possible

When we want healthy and nutritious food, we feel that we have to compromise on taste and cost. It is possible for us to have food that is nutritious, delicious, affordable and convenient.

We’re in a new age of authenticity

It’s becoming harder and harder for people or brands to BS us, because the consumer is just so much more empowered and vocal about what they want now. The most authentic people will stand out because the market honors and respects them.  


Well-being isn’t just about physical health. It’s also about spiritual, emotional and social well-being. Food is weaved in with all of that, and it connects us to other people, our environments and even ourselves. Food is so important to our humanity that it needs to be nutritious, affordable, convenient and delicious. We all deserve food without compromise.

Guest Bio
Margot is the President of Oliver Capital Partners and co-founder of Skinny Pasta, In 2003, Margot co-founded a better-for-you food company with her sister, Gabriella. In 2009, the founders began commercializing their non-traditional pasta, now marketed as skinnypasta™, and confirmed their strategy of developing foods that alleviate symptoms of chronic illness and aging, and aid in health and wellbeing. The company was recently renamed Gabriella’s Kitchen in honour of Margot’s late sister, Gabriella, who remains the inspiration behind the company. Go to for more information.